The name of mountkenya is kirinyaga according to the gikuyu tribe,the traditional gikuyu tribe built their houses facing the peaks of mountkenya,they olso prayed facing the slopes of mountkenya.

The Mount Kenya trekking tour is a big challenge,fun,and enjoyable but olso tiresome journey to conquer  Mount Kenya’s highest trekking peak (Point Lenana) at 4985 metres. From the summit there is a beautiful view of the dramatic volcanic,sorouded by many giant standing peaks which are unmovable.
The 2 tall scrappers main peaks are Batian and Nelion,

the mountain is best seen at dawn and the sorounding peaks seen best when the sunrise comes out. the normal hiking of the trek takes  3 to 5 days to reach to the summit and back,mountkenya is  sorounded by the fascinating world of forests and wildlife,although the global warming is affecting the geography formation of the mountain,snow and ices are slowly melting there by affecting the original formation of the mountain.

mountkenya hiking is better place for those people who want to do the exercises and fitness in the body. there are 3 main routes of climbing mountkenya,

1:namely sirimon route in that starts through nanyuki town,

2:Naromoru route that starts through naromoru town and

3:chogoria route that starts through chogoria town.

Special gears are required to climb mountkenya,we can olso assist in choosing the right equipment for the hikes,mountkenya peak tours holds school groups,events,church members hike and Kenya residents associated non governmental organisations for special hikes,this programme is the best suited for big groups.the local adventure is awesome,together with the local guides,local food,local porters and local hiking company.

The 4 days mountkenya trek for local and residents tourist is ksh 33000 for a group rate cost,but discounts occurs in a group of organised people.

-The hikes starts at an altitude of 2650m,day 1 is meant for acclimatisation,the traverse and terraine is easy on the sirimon side,beautiful forest covered with a bush canopied bamboo trees,and huge chunk of indiginous trees that are 100 years old,the trees on this side are hagenia trees,mohagony and meru oak.wildlife found are baboons,elephants,and bufalloes,including others.the hike takes 9km to oldmoses camp 3300m

-The second day is a little hard,the terraine is in a trailed path,not unless the 1st day which is in a tarmacked road,the sceneries are very beautiful,including the flowers like the ostrich lobellias,the water Lilly lobellia and the famous giant lobellias.


The 3rd day is the summiting day,attempting point lenana 4987m is not an easy task,wake up early in the morning with the headlight,but when the moon is bright you barely need a light,the stars and the moon are easily seen,the terrain is on a scree,and stepping on the rocks.the hike is a 31/2 hours hike and by 6:30am you should be able to reach at the top summit for sunrise.on a clear day you may be able to see mt Kilimanjaro,after descend down for breakfast and further to oldmoses camp

The 4th day is easy,as it is a descent down to starting point and walking through the connect the transport back to nairobi