Our journey began very early in the morning,at 5, everyone was ready to conquer the highest peak in the aberdare ranges.mount esatima was known to be a masai territory it is olso known as “the mountain of the bulls calf” beside the highest peak are the dragons teeth,the closest town when hiking the Mt satima is the shamata town in nyandarua county.
Mt olesatima is a part of the peak where one can hike in a day,the rest being the elephant hill,rurimeria hill and the table mountain
Mt olesatima is the highest peak with an attitude of 4000m above sea level,it has some picturesque shapes and beautiful ones ” dragons teeth”
One can drive along the nakuru -gilgil highway or njabini-olkalao route up to the shamata gate.once you enter the gate you further drive inside the park for 10km to the start of the hike.
The hike is covered by wet,mashy,moorlands,and high altitude lobelias.at the altitude of 3000m,the view looks clear,where by lake olpolosat is seen,it resembles an elephant playing field because of it mashy and sorounding of the tussocks grass and dramatic rock static¬† formations.for the photographers this can not be enough for you, Because of it’s enormous beauty one may spend more time admiring the nature.
Mount satima is a high altitude mountain and one is advised to come prepared with good hiking boots and rain jackets as the weather changes un expectedly,the moorlands are wet and boggy,rapid change in air is experienced.The aberdare mountain is one of it’s kind,and I promised to visit it again in more of the weekends
The package price is given to the acculate number of people doing the hike
this will includes the transport,picnic lunch and water