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When we were planning the trip, I could not find good, reliable information, so here are some hopefully helpful hints for those who plan to climb/trek Mount Kenya

Our flight to Nairobi arrived very early in the morning. Nevertheless we planned one night in Nairobi, to have time to shop on additional food supplies, gas for the stove and in case baggage goes missing.

If we would do it again, we would go directly from the airport to Chogoria, if we had an early arriving flight.
Food can be bought in Chogoria, gas canisters the type suitable e.g. for the jetboil are not really available in Nairobi. David located two for us, but at this second hand outdoor equipment store they wanted 35 $US each.

We cannot recommend the Chogoria Transit Motel. Online booking did not really work, we asked David to make a reservation. There they charged us the equivalent of 40$. According to our information it should have been MUCH less, probably , but still way too much. The rooms had no or thorn mosquito nets, the lightbulbs were blown, we had to wait nearly one hour for the breakfast.

We did the Chogoria route up to “basecamp”:
Each day in the park is 52$ per person (foreigner). On Chogoria route days start with passing the new gate. You pay at the original gate, usually at the end of the first or start of the second day. You can NOT pay cash! Only credit card our Mpesa (kind of Kenyan PayPal).

For good acclimatization we tried to walk in slow.
1st night near the original gate (2800m).
2nd night “Roadhead” 3300m. There you have nice waterfalls, that means also running water for the last good wash.
3rd night “Minto Hut” 4200m. Good camping spot about 80m further from the hut. Where also the tarn (muddy water) is.
We had our climbing gear and food deposited by the porters at “Austrian Hut” 4790m. There we also said goodbye to Wilson our cook, packed camping gear and food and hiked down to near “Mac Kinders” 4200m for better acclimatization. There you also could get accommodation at the mountain rescue place, if you don’t want to camp.

We had been happy with David (info@mountkenyapeaktours.com), who organized the three porters and a cook for the first 4 days and also some other things. He was reliable.

In general in Kenya it is important to make things really clear, repeat things, let the other person repeat to avoid misunderstandings. For most things you should barging about the price.

We were also happy with Wilson our cook who was always in a good mood (unfortunatelly the email address Wilson gave me does not work any more).

If you have any questions just ask. If I can answer them, I will.

Chogoria route map

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