Mountkenya is the second highest mountain in africa,it was formed as a result of successive eruption of volcano.mountkenya erupted along time ago 3.5 million years ago.due to eruptions and lava flows it formed some craters.Mt. Kenya is an ancient volcanic mountain much older than Mt. Kilimanjaro.few  of the peaks can be summited without using climbing gears.

Best times for climbing Mount Kenya from any of the trekking routes are January to March and June to October but it can be climbed year-round. The rainy seasons typically occur in April, May and takes 4 days to climb the summit,5 days when you want to acclimatize and a minimum of 7 days to climb the technical peaks.
The main climbing technical peaks in mountkenya are:
The route itineary can be followed from:
Batian peak is the most highest peaks of mountkenya,it has some challenging effects wit many pointed technical peaks sorounding it,batian and nelion peaks requires a multi pitch rock climbing.
The price for climbing mountkenya technical peaks is slightly higher whe climbing with a technical experienced guide,the price ranges from usd$1190 to usd$1300 for each person depending on the number of people. in 7 days hike tour.climbing equipments can be hired at a special rates from mountkenya climbing gears stores

Batian peak 5199m

nelion peak 5188m

lenana peak 4985m

Dalton peak 4885m

terere peak

point john peak 4883m

point peter 4757m

point melhush 4880m.

The price for the climbing includes.

-technical guiding fee.

-food inclusive of breakfast,lunch and dinner

-all park fees,



-all transports


Tips,climbing gears,beverages such as beers and sodas,any other

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