Mountkenya hike Tours Guides and Staff

Mountkenya hike tours guides offer a more personalized service to climbers with no middlemen involved.we operate as the 1st priority,no brokers or 2nd operator,mountkenya hike tours guides are certified by mountkenya national park,as an operating firm in 10 years,our guides makes sure that in all the days that you have booked with us we all enjoy cordial relationship with the team,all our guides are fluent in english speaking language,but if need be on request,we can provide a guide fluent in the client local language if he or she doest understand english.

The guides,cook,porters language is kikuyu for the agikuyu clan,(gikuyu and mumbi) from mountkenya region,so the dominant there speak kikuyu language and kiswahili,in any time they teach the client our dominant language where by the clients olso feel being a part of the communication

guides and porters

Our staff are well groomed and professionally trained to deal with our clients. Management by objective is our motto. Proper dialogue and communication is encouraged and an all inclusive decision making everyone working for all with Hooves is valued greatly.

At Mount Kenya hike Tours, we also specialize in tailor made packages that will meet our clients’ specific and unique needs. Mount Kenya hike Tours has a great passion for Kenya and the larger East African region. Over the years, Mount Kenya hike Tours has acquired intimate knowledge of her Topography, multi-ethnic societies as well as its rich and globally acclaimed wildlife. As a result, Mount Kenya Peak Tours , is able to offer customized journeys to this diverse and fascinating region.

We have both the competence and the capability to organize and facilitate most memorable tours for our broad portfolio of clients. We also offer you the best services with a team of highly qualified and efficient staff who have an in depth understanding and thorough knowledge of the region where we operate most of our tours and safaris.

Our range of services include organizing and facilitating stunning tailor-made safaris, 5 star luxury safaris, camping safaris, mountain climbing, walking safaris and hiking tours. We have also distinguished ourselves in the provision of culture, nature, tribe and wildlife safaris to national parks and game reserves.