mount kilimanjaro climbing tours

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Mountkenya hikes tours and safaris offers tours to mount kilimanjaro in Tanzania,Hiking mount kilimanjaro is the best challenge to consider during your africa hiking tours,mount kilimanjaro is the highest and the tallest mountain in africa,it is considered as a challenge to hikers,mountkilimanjaro can be climbed in all time of the year,the most interesting thing,with its uniqueness that it is the highest free standing mountain in the world,The summit of mount kilimanjaro is snow capped,but due to the global warming,the snow is melting and getting thinner.

The closest town close to mount kilimanjaro is in Moshi,where mount kilimanjaro can be visible from there.some of the benefits of mount kilimanjaro is that it provides the main source of water to most of the human population and wildlife inhabitants of amboseli national park,the marsh lands provides the cooling environment of the wildlife.