I recently had the pleasure of going on tour organised by David of Mount Kenya Hikes. This was the 4 day tour around Mount Kenya. I was especially pleased to find this tour, as it included sights around Mount Kenya (Mau Mau caves and a one-day safari at the Sweetwater reserve).

Most Mount Kenya tours focus on the hike itself, so it is quite unusual to find a tour that also includes the surroundings. The Sweetwater game reserve (which is a private reserve) is particularly highly recommended. Being a smaller reserve it means you have a much higher chance of seeing the most famous animals:

I was fortunate enough to see elephant, rhino, giraffe, buffalo, and a lioness and her two cubs who were hunting! It’s very rare to see a hunt so I felt very privileged. The tour of course also included Mount Kenya, although in my case I only went to the first camp but even then I saw monkeys, lizards, and numerous birds on the way up through the forest.

My guide over these 4 days was David Njuguna, and he really made it a pleasurable and also informative tour. He’s a very friendly and down-to-earth man with a true love of Kenya’s wildlife and scenery, so if you’re an outdoor type you will find yourself in good company. I would happily go on another tour or safari with him if I return to Kenya. He’s also made some excellent pancakes on Mount Kenya!

Also, a word on Kenya’s recent security problems. These have mainly been confined to the coast and busy areas within Nairobi (and these places in Nairobi are also typically the areas where tourists would not venture, i.e. the slum areas). I would feel completely safe going on a safari or hike again, as this would be far from any trouble spots.

David’s contact details remain the same as in the review above, and I would recommend contacting him for any information or to tailor a trip to your needs.

David Njuguna – Mount Kenya Hikes
Email: info@mountkenyahikes.com
Mobile: +254 725 545 132