4 Days mountkenya trekking-hiking tour Details. The mountkenya trek olso can be done in 3 to 4 days,the trek is usually easy and scenic certainly the most recommended mountkenya trek in 4 days is sirimon route,since the elevation up and down is very scenic and easy to ascend up and descend down hill.it is olso a quick a trekk up mountkenya,and mostly recommended for the well less strong mountaineers,it is olso the most recomended route for the starters,it is the most acheivable route in mountkenya,mostly recomended for those people with limited amount of time.it is an incredible route,smooth and easy to climb,and most recommended to reach the summit.


Day 1:pick up in Nanyuki town and drive for 45 minutes to the sirimon gate ready to start the hike from sirimon gate 2650m.after getting the permits,walk for 9km in the very beautiful forest of mountkenya on the northern side of the equator.

mountkenya is very beautiful on this side because you are able t sport different species of animals on the way,some of them hiding in the green bamboo forest.animals like elephants,bufalloes,zebras,monkeys may be spotted bird life,with a quiet and fresh air mountain you hear the noise of birds,as you hike up there comes a change in vegetation,whereby plants may change depending on the altitude you are in,the oldmoses camp is seen at an altitude of 3000m above sea level.after getting to the camp the cook gets ready to prepare you a cup of tea,both dinner and overnight are at the oldmoses camp 3300m.

Day 2:leave very early in the morning after breakfast to avoid the rain which mostly starts in the afternoon via the junction of likii north and shiptons junction,this is a separation folk point,we head via the Shipton trail,passsing through the ontulili river and likii river,this route is rugged,you climb up and down via the mackinders valley.half way you may decide to have lunch depending on your time and weather condition,

in about 7 hours walk you should be able to arrive at the shiptons camp 4200m.on this altitude point you will have a chance to see different major peaks of mountkenya like the sedeo peak,terere peak,point lenana,batian and nelion peak.late dinner is served at the camp.

Day 3:Early morning summit at point lenana(African highest walking peak)for 3 hours,for photography session,sunrise is normally out at 6:30am,its very easy to view the main peaks of mountkenya.it is olso easy to view all the trekking routes of mountkenya namely sirimon,naromoru and chogoria route,after your enjoyment having conquered the summit continue the trek down for break fast at shiptons camp,after a short break further descend down to oldmoses camp to connect the transport back to your next destination.or have another night at judimere camp.


(A):on this last day you can spend the last night in the mountain or

(B) descend down and sleep in a budget hotel in Nanyuki town for showers.

price  inclusives

The following items are included in prices:
Return transfers from Nairobi to Mt Kenya
All Park fees.
All food while on the Mountain.
Accommodation in mountain camping where applicable.
All guiding services
Porter support for the climb.

Exclusive of:


mountain gears