While attempting to climb mount kilimanjaro, special informmation is provided for you to climb and attempt the misty mountains of snow capped mount kilimanjaro, The world highest free standing mountain and the roof of africa, you can climb mount kilimanjaro through several routes.including marangu, machame, shira, lemosho and rongai in order to reach uhuru peak.

Mount kilimanjaro is the most empowering hiking adventures you can experience without active training. Kili climb as it is commonly known The hiking journey to this iconic mountain is mainly through hiking and part high altitude trekk, kilimanjaro is the tallest and the highest free standing volcano,mount kilimanjaro lures thousands of hikers in the world,all attempting to climb uhuru peak,there are only two summit.

How difficult is Kilimanjaro

Climbing kilimanjaro need only physical undertaking and you should be fully preapared,you should olso preapare yourself both cycologically and physically for this mentally challenging activity,

The best time for climbing mount kilimanjaro

You can climb kilimanjaro all year around,how ever the best months are january -march and june -octomber as this two periods are dry seasons.for those people who dont like big groups the best time to climb kilimanjaro is april -may and Nov-dec,where by you experience low rains.Note that the weather in the mountains are un predictable.so keep the mountain equipment in order,always be preapared for rain and cold seasons.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Preparation

To further assist climbers with preparations on hiking to the summit of this infamous mountain,our  Climbing Kilimanjaro guide can assist with essential advice on mental and physical preparation, as well as a fitness program and recommended gear for climbing Kilimanjaro. Other useful information includes travel and transfer details, as well as health issues to take note of, as well as a detailed breakdown of what to expect from meals, porters and guides during a hike.

Tipping the Guides and Porters

This is a “compulsory tradition” on every Kilimanjaro climb. We recommend giving a tip of between US $ 100 to US $ 200 per climber to the mountain crew at the end of the climb. The exact tipping amount depends on group size and how many days were spend on the mountain. We recommend giving the tip to the main guide who will then distribute the tip among the mountain crew. We recommend not paying any tips until you and all your gear have descended from the mountain.

The average recommended tips for mt kilimanjaro per group per day:

  • Chief guide – US $ 13 per chief guide per day from the group
  • Assistant Guide – US $ 10 per assistant guide per day from the group
  • Cook – US $ 8 per cook per day from the group
  • Porters – US $ 6 per porter per day from the group

It is recommended not to pay your porters any tips until you and all your gear have descended from the mountain.